New Details Released Involving Last Thursday’s Armored Car Robbery

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - We are learning more about last Thursday's attempted armed robbery of an armored car outside an Odessa bank.

A federal complaint was filed Friday in Midland's Federal Court.

The complaint outlines that Joshua Bell, Chris Simmons and Preston Savell all conspired to rob the H&K Armored Truck on Thursday morning.

According to the documents, Joshua Bell used to work for H&K. He was fired from there for failing to show up to work. Bell had been planning the crime for three months.

The complaint also says that Bll wanted to hit his old truck route and quote "take out the driver who took his job."

On Thursday morning, the three men went to the Western National Bank at Grandview and University, Joshua Bell and Preston Savell approached the armored truck and opened fire on the guards.

25-year-old Mathew Parker was shot four times. He is recovering at an Odessa hospital.

The three then took off from the scene. Bell and Simmons were arrested Thursday afternoon at the Airline Mobile Home Park west of Midland. Savell was arrested Thursday night at a home in Midland.

Bell planned on getting $250,000 from the crime.

He also planned to head to either Oklahoma or Mexico with the cash.

The complaint says the three did not get any money.

The three men will be in federal court later this week for a detention hearing.