Radioactive Waste Storage to Begin This Week at New Dump Site in Andrews County

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

ANDREWS COUNTY - Waste Control Specialists will start ushering in low-level radio active waste for storage at it's new dump site outside of Andrews County this week.

They'll begin storing shipments of waste from Studsvik, Incorporated out of Tennessee.

According to Waste Control Specialists (wcs), studsvik processes low-level radio active waste into a safer form for interim storage.

WCS has handled radio active waste since 1997 but received a low-level radio active waste disposal license from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (tceq) this year.

The TCEQ must okay any permanent storage of the waste.

WCS President, Rod Baltzer, says once all the conditions of the license are met, they'll begin to ask for that permission.