Former ECISD Employee Speaks Out Against Alleged Explicit Emails

By Wyatt Goolsby
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - Enough is enough. A former employee of the Ector County School District is speaking out against sexually explicit jokes and pornographic images, he claims, are sent out by other workers. He told NewsWest 9 on Wednesday that dozens of employees have been using their email to send out the graphic images.

The emails are apparently a joke, but to him, it's a joke, that cost him his job.     

"I just want justice and I want people to know that this is wrong," Robby Quilodran, a former ECISD maintenance man, said.

Quilodran said he has plenty to say about Ector County School District. He told NewsWest 9 he's received sexually explict emails on the job, and claimed other internal problems. Now, he said, he's getting the blame.

"I was faced with an ultimatum, either to resign or be scrutinized by the public for being fired," Quilodran explained. "The big deal is they are trying to get rid of one person that is going to let everybody know the situation, as opposed to letting go the thousand."

Quilodran said for almost a year, he's received pornographic images forwarded to him from his superiors. So, he filed a sexual harrassment report. Then, he said he was linked to the emails, when he tried to save them for the record. He said his superiors had it out to get him, so he resigned on Wednesday morning.

"I don't think anything is going to be done," Quilodran added. "They know I'm a single father, they know I'm on a tight budget, being that I work for the school and get paid once a month. So, therefore they know I can't afford a lawyer, and that quite possibly I won't do anything, except to walk away from this."

"I think this came to the attention of administrators within the last week," ECISD Spokesperson, Mike Adkins, said. "That's all I can really tell you. Any allegation like that is taken very seriously, and we're going to investigate it and we've already begun that."

Adkins said because of confidentiality laws, he's not allowed to talk about specific personnel issues. When it comes to employee emails, he said their investigation will have to verify who sent what and when.

"We cannot monitor contents of an email that's going from one desk to another. So we need somebody who will alert us to the fact that this type of thing is happening, so that's where we begin our investigation. now we have to go and look into those email accounts for any alleged misuse of those email accounts," Adkins said.

We still don't know exactly how many school district employees have received these graphic emails. Quilodran told NewsWest 9 there were dozens of men and women who got them.