State of the Art Transportation Coming Soon to Pecos

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

PECOS - It's a celebration to mark a moment in history.

The City of Pecos will start building a new mode of transportation called thE Tubular Rail; taking the idea of an old school railroad into modern technology.

"We've got this large facility that's been sitting with nobody in it for years and it's an opportunity to put some new testing, it's a new goal, new desire," Pecos Mayor Richard Alligood, said.

"This is very good facility for what we want to do. The next step is to get Washington involved," Robert Pulliam with Tubular Rail, Inc, said.

It will take approximately 24 months to complete the Tubular Rail, it will hold up to 450 passengers per car; a different style of transportation that some say would benefit many in the area.

"For the City of Pecos, this means new jobs and diversifying our economy. With the wind energy in West Texas, this is the next step," Mayor Alligood, said.

"Where Pecos benefits, city dwellers who will commute; it will impact the use of your gas," Pulliam said.

"This could be the marketing facility for more tubular rail projects to come," Pulliam added.

Mayor Alligood says it's more than just a new way of getting around; it's a trend that he hopes other cities will follow.

"No longer are we just West Texas. We are moving forward in technology. If this goes through, we become the leader in transportation in the U.S.," Alligood said.