GM Bankruptcy Not Affecting Odessa Dealership

by Victor Lopez
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - Bankruptcy is an ugly word.  But in this case, it's a means to keep the doors open on a company that's been around for years.

Jo Hooker, the Owner of Odessa Dealership, says it's going to be business as usual at Freedom, Pontiac, Buick, GMC Truck.

The fact that gm has asked the government to help out means that dealers across the country can keep doing what they've been doing since they opened their doors.

While it may mean an increase in taxes, Hooker says, she's a taxpayer first, but she's also a business person.

"As a dealer, I'm fine with that.  If it helps me move on with my business and continue to participate in my community and continue to employ people, that's a win-win for me," Hooker said.

The bankruptcy protection will ensure that anyone who buys or owns a car made or sold by General Motors will continue to be serviced and warranties will be honored, just like before.

Hooker also says, General Motors is an icon in this country, so everyone should do their part to help America get strong again.