Misdemeanor Case Controversy Continues in Southeast New Mexico

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

SOUTHEAST NEW MEXICO - The controversy continues in Southeastern New Mexico as a lawsuit against the District Attorney goes before a judge.

That judge said she won't force D.A. Janetta Hicks to prosecute misdemeanor cases.

A few months ago, hicks' office sent out an email to area police departments saying it would no longer go to court for all misdemeanors.

And on Friday, Hicks said just because her office isn't prosecuting those criminals, doesn't mean officers have to.

But police say if she's not going to court, and they're not either, who's going to represent the cases?

The officers say they're not even trained to do that, and it'll be a burden on them and on residents.

There will be another hearing soon to determine if it's even legal for police to act as prosecutors in the courtroom.