Midland County Residents Meet with TCEQ Representatives

by Michael Stafford
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - The cause of the chromium contamination is still a mystery, but the State says it's doing all it can to test the water and provide filters to keep the water safe.

But still, some angry homeowners don't think it's enough.

More than 200 Midland County residents showed up for a hearing with TCEQ Officials to learn about the potential health affects.

T.C.E.Q. showed a map pointing out where the chromium has been found along West County Road 112.

The State has put filters on at least 30 of the 80 homes, where the chromium levels have registered the highest.

Officials claim, even at the higher levels, residents should still be safe.

But the State's reassuring words did little to calm some of their fears.

"I've gone through cancer, my husband has gone through cancer.  I've got multiple health problems right now.  We have a kennel with hunting dogs.  You can't replace what we've put a lifetime into.  We have five dogs with tumors," Resident Cindy King, said.

"It's contaminated all the way around me, and I've asked them to be proactive about this, try to get the State out there and put the filters in.  If I'm not contaminated now, sooner or later, I will be," Resident Tommy Flores, said.

The very first case started back on March 30th when a homeowner complained of having green water in his well and home.

The State immediately began testing the water, and realized how big the problem was.

Officials have also increased their testing range to a half-mile from the first site.

Meanwhile, it's still way too early to tell if the chromium could spread to nearby water wells along West County Road 112.

And officials admit, they may never know the person or the company responsible for the water problems.