Odessa Roughnecks to Host MDA Benefit This Saturday

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - For 6-year-old Dawson Thomas, being diagnosed with muscular dystrophy doesn't slow him down one bit, and it sure doesn't stop his parents from dreaming for that cure.

"If we keep searching, I believe we'll find the answer. It may not come in time for my son, but I think somebody's son out there it will be in time for, and so that's what we're working for. We don't give up," Mother, Delanna Thomas, said.

Dawson's disorder means his body muscles are slowly losing function, and it eventually effects the heart, but David and Delanna say Dawson isn't even aware he has it.

"He hasn't asked about it. We talk about it around him all the time. I think when that moment happens, that will be when we know that he knows," David said.

For David and Delanna, seeing their son go through life with the disorder, only gives them more strength and hope for the future.

"If we all give up, if we stop believing, then what are we going to communicate to Dawson about the value of his life? It's not the future we planned for him, but he'll have a future and we have to believe that," Delanna said.

A future filled with hope for a little boy a mother calls her 'gift of love.'

The Muscular Dystrophy Association works towards finding a cure, and gives hope to families like the Thomas'.

Proceeds from the Odessa Roughnecks game, which is scheduled on Saturday, will go towards finding that cure.