Summer Job Outlook Bleak for High School Teens

By: Haley Burks
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - When the final school bell rings, some students may fail to find that summer job.  With the economy, their prospects look a little grim.

"I have had students fill out 20 applications and still no job. It is frustrating for them," Odessa High School Counselor, Gary Vaden, said.

Summer may mean freedom for teenagers, but finding a job this summer could take a lot of work.

"It is hard right now, people need money for school," Odessa High School Senior, Andrea Vaden, said.

Workforce Solutions tells NewsWest 9, the job market for teens will be tight this summer in West Texas, but fast food and retail may be an option.

Vaden says teens can't afford to be picky this summer.

"They are just going to have to scrounge for jobs, take what they can, some of them have to work to help the financial situation at home," Gary Vaden said.

With a limited number of jobs, competition will be stiff.

"With the oil business going down a little bit, people in those positions are taking jobs," Gary Vaden, said.

For teens that are employed, they consider themselves lucky.

"I am just glad I already have a job, because it would be hard to find one right now," Odessa High School Senior, Candy Yanez, said.