Expensive Contraceptives Causing Unintended Pregnancies

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - In an economic recession, job security is uncertain. That's causing some couples to delay having a baby. 

However, it's that rough economy that may bring some people a bundle of joy before they are ready.

"Contraceptives can be increasingly high even with insurance. It's not unusual for 1 month to cost $75 even cutting that with insurance co-pay can be expensive for women," Carla Holeva with Planned Parenthood, said.

Planned Parenthood says because of the economy, more women are not using protection as often, or abandoning their contraceptives all together.

"Women realize all of a sudden this is something I need to cut. What am I going to do? I can't afford to pay and they go without it and that can be difficult if you are trying to control your family planning," Holeva said.

Gynecologist Dr. Norman Harris says that can lead to something bigger.

"Well if people aren't on contraceptives you may see an increase in pregnancies especially unplanned/unwanted pregnancies," Dr. Harris said.

Both Planned Parenthood and Dr. Harris say there are more affordable contraceptives available.

"Some of the chain pharmacies offer inexpensive contraceptives. I know one for $4, if you're really serious about protection you wouldn't mind spending a few dollars," Dr. Harris said.

"There's a new injection in the arm can last up to three years, and they come at an afforable cost," Holeva said.