New T.S.A. Rules in Effect For All Who Fly

By Wyatt Goolsby
NewsWest 9

Get ready for some changes the next time you fly out of the Midland Airport. On Friday, some new rules could determine whether you make your next flight. Airport security is getting a little more personal, and it means giving your full name the next time you book a flight. 
According to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), when you line up to go through airport security, you will need to make sure the name on the boarding pass matches your ID exactly. That means if your driver's license has your middle name, then your boarding pass must have your middle name too. 

It's part of a T.S.A. program being phased-in called "Secure Flight." Officials said it's a way of better checking passenger names against terror watch lists. So, the T.S.A. is telling passengers make sure that ID and boarding pass match the next time you make a reservation.

"When you make your reservation, you need to give your name exactly," Nancy Nemecek, a travel agent, said. "And that means first name, middle name, if that's what's on your I.D., and your last name."

That's not the only change to security. By mid-August, passengers will also have to provide their birthday and gender when booking a flight. On Friday, NewsWest 9 spoke with representatives from several different airlines that fly out of Midland. If you are flying Southwest, the changes will not immediately affect you. They tell us, the changes for them won't be in place until October. Representatives with Continental told NewsWest 9 they expect these rules to be slowly phased-in, and said right now you shouldn't have a problem flying out. 

From here, the T.S.A.'s goal is to expand the program from domestic to international flights next year.