New Animal Shelter Opens in Pecos

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

PECOS - It wasn't always smooth sailing. The original animal shelter in Pecos didn't make grade for meeting proper health standards for the animals.

"The State of Texas Health Department came out and said there were some deficiencies and instead of correcting them, we took the funds and built a new one," Pecos Mayor Richard Alligood, said.

Alligood says there were too many problems with the old shelter; it was in an inconvenient location and was way too small.
"The old facility was about an eighth of the space of this facility and it didn't have room for quarantined animals for rabies and those were required for the state today,"  Alligood said.

Now all the requirements are being met with the new facility.
"We're very excited to have it. We've waited quite a while and with the cooperation of the Mayor and the city we're going to have a nice facility," Pecos Police Chief Clay McKinney, said.

Even though it's nearly three times the size of the previous shelter, Alligood says that's not even the best part.

"Probably the nicest thing about this facility is that it meets all the state guildlines we can do our own dipping for ticks, vaccinate for rabies and parvo, and get licensing," Alligood said.

This shelter won't just be used to hold all the stray animals in Pecos, Alligood says the opportunity now exists to start educational programs to teach people about being responsible pet owners.

"We're trying to push for educational programs on what a pet owners responsibility is, that's something that's been lacking. We'll be able to start education on elementary kids on what a pet owner is," Alligood said.