Hoax Note Sends Odessa School into Lockdown

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - Revenge may be the motive behind another gun hoax that put another Odessa school on lockdown on Tuesday.

We're told a student at Nimitz Junior High gave a school administrator a note claiming another student had a gun on campus around 11 Tuesday morning.

When campus police investigated, they found the student, but no gun.

The lockdown ended in just 30 minutes.

Campus police arrested the eighth grade student, who they say wrote the note, and charged him with making a false report.

The school district tells NewsWest 9, it appears the student was trying to get another classmate in trouble.

This is the third gun scare at Odessa schools this year.

Crockett Junior High and Blanton Elementary were put on lockdown in the past few months.

The gun on Blanton's campus was real, but the Crockett situation turned out to be a hoax as well.