Howard County Jail to Begin Housing Glasscock County Inmates

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING - The new Howard County jail is expected to get a larger crowd very soon.

"Operating a jail is very expensive, and for a small county to do it, it's very expensive to do, so with our facility being the size it is we can actually take on a few more and it won't impact us at all," Sheriff Stan Parker, said.

The agreement to house Glasscock County inmates was approved on Monday by county commissioners, and now Howard County will immediately house those extra inmates.

"With the jail we run an average population of about 75, we can house up to 96 so Glasscock usually runs 1-2 inmates, so we shouldn't have a problem," Parker said.

Sheriff Parker also says the change will be beneficial for both counties.

"We will charge $45 a day to house. That's pretty much the standard rate. Glasscock has a small facility, and it's more cost effective if they house them in Big Spring then have a full staff to take care of inmates," Parker said.

More could come out of this new agreement. By October, Sheriff Parker says they hope to house federal prisoners as well.

"We're actually in the process of working out a contract with immigration to house some of their inmates as they come through. That's actually a more lucrative deal for us because they pay $55 - $65 dollars a day," Parker said.