Troubling Economy Leads to More People Wanting Massages

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - It hasn't always been smooth sailing for Massage Envy.

"We've had a problem in memberships because people are losing their jobs and not sure if they can afford a membership," Massage Envy Manager, Susan Self, said.
However, that's all changing. "We are slammed, but that's good. We have 4 on duty and 4 more tomorrow, and we are booked solid," Self said.

In fact, they're so busy that they're even lacking massage therapists to handle the increase in clients. "If you're a member we guarantee them a massage every month, but now we're having to book them a week or two in advance because we don't have enough massage therapists," Self said.

It seems more people are willing to spend extra cash to leave their worries behind.

"I definitely spend my money more wisely, but this is something I value so I spend and go when I can," Member Laura Edge, said.
Massage Envy in Midland says people rely on massage therapists to ease their mind and body.

"Massages are wonderful they help with relieving stress or if you've been a car accident. Whenever you do a massage you release toxics and is good for your mental well being," Self said.

Even in a struggling economy, some argue there's no better way to spend a little cash for a moment of relief from a troubling economy.

"Absolutely, I'll keep coming when I can. It's more of a time issue than a money issue for me it seems," Edge said.