Ector County Hospital Official Reprimanded For Hitting Secretary

By Wyatt Goolsby
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - An Ector County Hospital Board member in hot water. The board secretary claims Abraham Torres hit her. That accusation landed him behind bars this week. On Thursday, board members at Medical Center Hospital met in executive session with their lawyers for nearly three hours to discuss it. When they came out they publicly admonished Torres.

By Thursday, Hospital District 2 Board Member Abarham Torres was out of jail on bond, and present at the meeting. At that meeting, hospital officials met with their attorney, then came forward to tell everyone Torres should not have confronted board secretary Delma Marin, who claims Torres hit her in the arm.

Now, Torres is facing police charges. NewsWest 9 has learned that since the alleged assault last week, he's been booked and released from the Ector County Detention Center. 
According to reports, the incident happened at Torres' office in Odessa last Friday morning. The report says Torres didn't want to hand over some paperwork that all board members are required to fill out. Specifically, the paperwork was six pages of Personal Information Form to increase reimbursement for Medicaid for the Family Qualified Health Clinic. According to Marin, Torres did not want to hand over the paperwork, and "proceeded to nudge my left arm with his right closed fist."

At Thursday's meeting, the Board members' lawyers told NewsWest 9 the situation was unprofessional.

"The point the board wanted to make is that you need to keep it professional, understanding that you might have professional disagreements, and not go beyond that," Miles Nelson, attorney and spokesperson for the Hospital Board, explained. "Furthermore, with respect to board members who have volunterily taken it upon themselves to act on behalf of the hospital, act on behalf of the public in general, and really act as the face of the hospital. They should conduct themselves even more so."

In addition, board members are moving forward with their lawyers to make sure Torres turns in that paperwork worth thousands in Medicaid. 

Torres now faces criminal charges for assault, as well as a possible civil suit. Torres is still a board member; he has not been removed from the board. However, officials tell NewsWest 9, they want to make sure everyone knows that they are taking these charges seriously.