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Hot Temperatures Causing Air Conditioners to Work Overtime

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PERMIAN BASIN - During these hot days the first thing we all want to do is to turn on the air conditioner, but before you crank up the air make sure you're A.C. is ready to go.

An air conditioner that has not been used for a couple of months can have parts that are not working properly.

Henry Avila from Bosworth says many times people will start their A.C. without seeing if any maintenance needs to be done.

He said he understands people want to save money and don't want to call a professional. But simple upkeep can be done by anyone.

"Most you can do if you can do it yourself, check around the unit keep your thermostat first at one setting we usually recommend about 76-78 depending on what you're comfortable in, and also change your filter once a month," Avila said.

Avila also recommended to check you're A.C unit at least twice a year, along with the Freon levels, electrical connections, and duct system.

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