Special Report: Everyday Items Tested for Bacteria

By Camaron Abundes   
NewsWest 9

ODESSA- NewsWest 9 puts everyday items like the cash in your wallet or your dog's leash to the test. A team at Medical Center Hospital showed a NewsWest 9 team what to do and our team started swabbing items at a park playground, at the dog park, and in our Newswest 9 Newsroom.

"We know that money changes hands over and over," Rebecca Johnson, R.N., Coordinator of Infectious Control at Medical Center Hospital, said.

The technicians will test for bacteria to find what may be growing on eight different everyday items. NewsWest 9 tested a dog's leash, money, a dumpster, park playground equipment, a shopping cart, a water dispenser, a soda lid from a convenience store, and a Newswest 9 Newsroom Keyboard.

Several people around Odessa told NewsWest 9 they believe the results will show the shopping cart is the dirtiest item.

"I think a Shopping cart, there are just more hands on it. We don't think about washing are hands before checking them out," Resident Mavely Gibbson, said.

The dirt is visible on one of the swabs, but what will the lab results show?

"We found exactly what we expect to find there," Johnson said, "Think about it. We touch things all over and then we touch our keyboard."

To Find Out the Results Watch Newswest 9 at Ten on Wednesday May 6th.