West Texas Food Bank Serving Up More Food as Need Increases

by Haley Burks
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - The West Texas Food Bank is being forced to serve up extra helpings due the economic slowdown.

"The food bank and the agencies we serve are seeing a 20-30 percent increase," Hyta Folsom, Director of West Texas Food Bank, said.

The West Texas Food Bank serves twenty-two counties, and Terrell County is also seeing numbers climb of those in need.

"With the boom people moved in and now they are left without jobs, and we have seen more people needing help and an increase in food," Lea Hawn, Co-Director of the Sanderson Food Bank, explained.

The summer is a critical time for the food bank     

"Kids get two meals while they are in school so the need really increase in the summer," Folsom said.

To offset the approaching summer months The National Letter Carrier Food Drive this weekend hopes to stock the pantry.

"This is the easiest food drive you can do. You just leave the food by your mailbox and the letter carrier picks it up," Folsom said.