Local Church Services Continue During Swine Flu Outbreak

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - For most people Sunday is a time of prayer and worship, but with the recent Swine Flu outbreak, being out in public can be a risky thing.

"I'm worried about it because you never know who might have it," Resident Daniel Silva, said.

Others say it doesn't stop them from doing what they normally do, like going to Church.

"Not with our family, we don't feel it's a threat. That hasn't stopped us from doing anything as far as being out in the public. It's hard to tell who has it and who doesn't, but we don't feel bothered by it," Resident Catarina Nava, said.

Monsignor James Bridges of Saint Stephen's Catholic Church in Midland says they haven't made any changes in Sunday's service.

"We really felt there was no need to make any special precaution, now of course if it were to get worse, than we would do something different," Bridges said.

Even then, some say they will take extra precaution when being around others at Church, at least until they are sure it is safe.

"I'm going to avoid holding hands and also avoid taking the host from the priest with my mouth," Silva said.

Monsignor Bridges says there's no need to worry about spreading germs while taking the eucharist during Catholic mass.

"Here we don't use the cup anyway. We dip the sacred host into the wine. No one has to drink after each other here. We started that years ago when there was a flu epidemic in Texas," Bridges said.

"I don't think you have to turn to extremes at this point until we're told to at least," Nava said.

For now, some people say they won't allow the Swine Flu to interupt their time of prayer.