Caring for Pets on a Budget

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Most pet owners consider thier dogs part of the family. We get a lot from them, like love and companionship, but caring for them can be very expensive. 

Owners like Heather Peeler says saving money by bathing her own dog instead of taking it to the groomers can go a long way.

"We have been grooming half as much. We go every other month instead of every month like we used to. It saves probably about $150 because going to a groomer is expensive with long haired dogs," Peeler said.

She isn't the only one who stretches out the time of seeing a professional groomer for her four legged friend.

"Some of them have lengthed their time of coming in. Instead of coming in every 2 weeks, they come in every 4. Instead of getting groomed, they'll come in and get two or three baths and then groom," Traci Sides, owner of Pet-Tech Groomers, said.

Sides says there's a simple way to save money when taking your pets to the groomers. "The best advice I can give is just brush their hair daily, that prevents a lot of tangles, so if you do take them to the groomers, that will save you a lot of money where you're not having to pay for matting charges," Sides said.

Saving on the trimmings is not the only way you can stretch out your dollar. Owners say buying the less expensive brand of food can help to.

"We actually switched to a generic H.E.B. brand and it's a lot cheaper; we save about $10 a bag," Peeler said.

Pet owners say the most important thing is to keep your pet healthy and happy, especially during these tough times, where you need each other now more than ever.