Swine Flu Reports Increase

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

MEXICO CITY (AP) - Reports of swine flu continue to emerge around the world, sparking fears of a possible pandemic.

Hong Kong's leader says the territory has a confirmed case of swine flu, Asia's first. Besides Mexico and the U.S., cases have also been confirmed in six European nations, Canada, New Zealand and Israel. Scottish authorities have confirmed their first case of swine flu in a person who had not traveled to Mexico, but caught it from someone who had.

Mexican health authorities say they have confirmed 343 swine flu cases and 15 deaths due to the virus.

The only confirmed swine flu death outside Mexico was a Mexican toddler who died in a Texas hospital Monday.

Meanwhile, a top Mexican medical officer accuses the World Health Organization of being slow to respond to the country's warning about a health crisis. The WHO disputes the claim.

WHO officials say the agency learned April 9 of cases of "suspicious influenza" from Mexico and responded quickly on April 24 when U.S. and Canadian laboratories identified the virus as a
new strain of flu.