Thieves Strike Odessa Mobile Car Wash Companies

By: Sarah Snyder
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - Odessa burglars are trying to make some extra cash off of workers hit hard in the downturning economy, and it's got one industry searching for answers.

With a changing economy, mobile car wash equipment is circulating the black market. 

Many Odessans are supplementing their income with a car wash business, and because that equipment is in high demand, theives are coming after it.

"They're seeing that there's a high demand for the mobile wash businesses starting to start up, because things are getting slow and people are finding a different source of income," Eric Smart with Cougar Cleaning Company said.

Companies that sell car washing supplies say the thieves are stealing their pressure washers, and their size apparently makes them an easy target. 

Crimestoppers says to cut down on the thefts, people need to keep expensive equipment indoors and locked down.