McCamey Voters to Decide on $15 Million Dollar School Bond

by Victor Lopez
NewsWest 9

McCAMEY--With a student population of almost 500 from pre-K through 12 grade, administrators at McCamey I.S.D. say these renovations and additions couldn't come a better time.

"We do have an urgency.  Our Middle School gym needs a new roof," Superintendent Donny Wiley, said.

That new roof is at the top of the to do list, whether or not the proposed school bond is passed.   But according to Wiley, as far as the rest of the renovations and construction are concerned, it's best to start where the kids start, "That's one thing we're looking at redoing for our elementary school, remodeling it, making it more user friendly, since we do have a big influx lately, in our elementary school."

At 240, the elementary students make up almost half of the student population.   Right now, they have to walk across campus to go to lunch and to all school assemblies that are held in the high school gym.  Something that gets tricky during bad weather.

"Right now, we have to manuver them in through the back gyms and we can manuver through the buildings to keep our kids dry," Elementary Principal Shane Thedford, said.

The bond would put the cafeteria in their building and provide them with a new multipurpose building as well. "I think that would be awesome for us.  We could have all of our kids in one place and address them all at one time and if we did have a program come in, we could do it all at one time with all of our students," Thedford commented.

According to Wiley, installing things like new turf on the football field, resurfacing the track and tennis courts, in addition to all the other renovations and construction projects, will bring much needed revenue to the city, "Yes, they will be coming into McCamey and staying for a little while, hopefully. It will boost our businesses here too.  It all kind of generates back to the community of McCamey."

The current tax rate at McCamey ISD is $1.04.   Wiley says while taxes would increase slightly, there is significant savings in the long run, "If both pass, our taxes would be right around the $1.30 area.  Actually the tax rate is going to be cheaper than it was for about 15 years."

Early voting runs through May 5th for the bond proposals. Three positions on the McCamey ISD School Board will also be on the ballot.