West Texas Hospitals and Schools Preparing for Swine Flu Cases

By: Haley Burks
NewsWest 9

PERMIAN BASIN - From coast to coast, cases of swine flu have been confrimed by the Centers for Disease Control, including three in Texas.

But is there cause for alarm or are a few simple precautions all you need?

"I would tell parents number one thing don't panic." Greenwood I.S.D. School Nurse Ramona Hasty says she is keeping a watchful eye for any swine flu symptoms.

"High fever body aches, chills. If they are sick, do not send them to school," Hasty says.

The symptoms are similar as the common cold or the regular flu.

The best way to protect yourself is to wash your hands.

At Medical Center Hospital in Odessa, the prep work is complete in case the swine flu spreads.

"We are making sure we have all our lines of communication open, which we do with the swine flu," Medical Center Hospital Infection Control Coordinator, Becky Johnson, said.