Shock and Outrage in Iraan as 2 Year Old Girl Fights For Her Life in San Angelo

by Victor Lopez
NewsWest 9

IRAAN--The extent of this little girl's injuries are so bad, Pecos County Sheriff Cliff Harris would not talk about them on camera.   But authorities and residents agree, it's something that never should have happened to begin with, "everyone is mad, you can say, because you just don't do that to a child."

37-year-old James Rodriguez is charged with injury to a child, while 24-year-old Marisol Dominguez faces charges of injury to a child by omission.   All related to the injuries suffered by Dominguez's 2-year-old daughter. "She has multiple injuries to her, I won't go into detail what all of them are.  At this time we have placed two people under arrest in connection with this and this will be turned over to the district attorney's office and they will carry it through from there," Sheriff Harris said.

Everything started last Thursday, the 23rd, when authorities were called out to 207 West 11th in Iraan after Dominguez's co-workers heard some disturbing news. According to Azalia Barrera, "The mother walked off and said she was not going to take the daughter to the hospital, maybe later.  She was going to see how the daughter was doing later that afternoon, depending on that she would take her or not take her to the hospital."

The child was taken to the local hospital but later was transfered to San Angelo, where she is currently in critical but stable condition.  Child Protective Services is investigating and have placed her and a four year old brother in temporary custody.

"I had been trying to call CPS for over an hour and a half because we had first gone to the cops and they said we had to get a hold of CPS first," another co-worker, Nidia Hernandez, said.

Residents in the quiet town of Iraan are still stunned that something this horrible happened there.  Some say this was not the first instance of abuse.

Rodriguez and Dominguez were arrested last Thursday and are still in custody in the Pecos County Jail.   Bond for Rodriguez has been set at $50,000.   Bond for Dominguez has not been set.   Sheriff Harris expects the case to go before the grand jury as soon as next month.