Swine Flu Outbreak Hits Texas

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

TEXAS - The number of confirmed swine flu cases has jumped to twenty throughout the U.S. 

Texas health officials are waiting on confirmation of eight possible cases in the Lone Star State.

A Texas High School in Cibolo (near San Antonio) had two cases of the virus. Five people in the Guadalupe County area, as well as three from Dallas-Fort worth, are currently undergoing testing the Centers for Disease Control.

Even though health officials say the cases in the U.S. are mild, they still fear that it could be the start of something bigger.

"Why are they seeing more severe diseases in Mexico than we are here, that's a critical question. We do think this will continue to spread, but we are taking aggressive actions to minimize the impact on people's health," Richard Besser with the Center for Disease Control, said. 
Health officials advise you to follow common sense precautions like washing your hands and staying home if you're sick. 

Meanwhile Governor Rick Perry has requested an additional 850,000 antiviral doses to have in hand for the state.