NewsWest 9 Special Report: Inside the Police Academy Part II

by Haley Burks

BIG SPRING - NewsWest9 continues to show you what it is like for those trying to become police officers in West Texas.

We've been following local law enforcement recruits for the past few weeks.

During our last visit, the recruits were getting behind the wheel for a wild ride - learning how to handle a police cruiser at a track near Big Spring.

"They are learning the limitations of themselves as a driver and also learning the limitations of the vehicle," Driving Instructor R.P. Johnson said.

While the driving can look reckless, the recruits are learning important driving skills to keep themselves and the public safe. 

To pass the driving portion of the academy, they must complete the course in under a minute and a half without hitting a single safety cone. Dozens of the cones line the track.

When they complete the track, the recruits are more than halfway through the academy and on their way to hitting West Texas streets as a police officer.