Collecting Soda Tabs for Homes

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND COUNTY - The next time you open up a can of soda, think twice about throwing away the entire thing.

"We just got in the habit of saving cans here at the house, and saved them for years, waiting for something good to come along," Resident Mike McCarty, said.

For Mike McCarty, saving those little, aluminum tabs is actually worth it. "I had one pound of it saved. I didn't realize how much we saved until we put them together," McCarty said.

One pound of tabs is worth about 57 cents, and it helps the Ronald Mcdonald House build homes for children with terminal illnesses, and Midland and Odessa residents are taking part in that.

"We thought it was a very worthy cause. We've collected over 230,000 tabs," Resident Stan Sartain, said.

Stan Sartain, the man in charge of tab collections, says he's amazed at how well the community responded.

"When we first started, if we collected 50 pounds, we thought we'd be doing well. Then we saw how people are responding, and so we raise the goal to 100," Sartain said.

Who would have thought that such a small thing, could make this big a big difference. "We do what we can to help church and charity groups, and this is so simple, it would be dumb not to," McCarty said.