Scam Forces Big Spring Curves Gym to Close

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING - Business Owner Tamara Foust is left in a dark shadow after she was ripped off by her own employee.

"It's really hurt our business. People don't trust us right now because of what's happened. She's been contaminating our name," Foust said.

It all started when Foust, owner of Curves Fitness in Big Spring, started getting tips from other employees about a possible scam going on behind the counter by someone she trusted with her own business.

"They were paying for service, but not to where it needs to go. It was going into her pocket," Foust said.

It turns out one of Fouts employees was offering a $75 dollar special for a three month membership to customers, and telling them they needed to pay in cash, because Curves was no longer accepting any other form of payment.

"She said if I paid cash, we'll give you an extra month. She sounded like a very honest person, she's very nice so I just took it that way," one Curve member said.

That wasn't all Foust was being scammed with.

"She was also forging medical notes to doctors putting members on medical hold and charging a cancellation fee and pocketing the cash," Foust said.

Foust says she has since fired the employee, and has been waiting since January for law enforcement to take action.

"They just keep telling us it's under investigation. We've given them all the documents we have; we want her to own up to what she's done to us and to our members," Foust said.