Odessa Police Trying to Put the Brakes on Drag Racing

By: Sarah Snyder
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - Police are trying to put the brakes on illegal drag racing in Odessa where an alarming number of drivers are putting you at risk when they put the pedal to the metal.

In just a two hour span this weekend, Odessa Police wrote 39 tickets for drag racing. Right now the hot spots seem to be the Crane and Clements area and the intersection of Andrews Highway and 42nd Street, but some Odessans say the real problem is in their front yard.

Loyd Fitts has lived on Rainbow Drive for 5 years and says speeding just keeps getting worse. And shortly after midnight on Friday, it caught up with him.

"We heard a real loud scrape," Fitts said. "Then three boom booms right after that. And that's what we'd seen. The pickup that went into the neighbor's yard."

After plowing into his travel trailer, the young driver slammed into the two trucks parked next door.

"They were going pretty fast," Cpl. Sherrie Carruth, Odessa Police said. "Like he was saying, and it happens all over the town, you get complaints of people racing and driving fast through the neighborhoods and this is a result of what happens."

Police ticketed the 17-year-old female driver with two 16 year old passengers in tow. Neighbors say the other cars suffered considerable damage - one possibly totalled.

"It is happening out there," Cpl. Carruth said. "Our officers are working on it. Unfortunately, we can't be everywhere at one time."

But Loyd tells NewsWest 9, he's concerned for the Barbara Jordan Elementary kids walking and riding bikes home from school everyday.

"If something is not done, children are going to get run over due to the high speed on this street," Fitts said.

Odessa Police are planning even more random speed stings giving about five officers total focus on drag racers. They say when school lets out for the summer, the racing intensifies.