Odessa Family Loses Their Home after Saturday's Storm

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - Just a few seconds was all it took for the roof of the Wright's home to blow away. 

"I went on my knees and next thing I knew, I looked up and could see the sky," Homeowner Ricky Wright, said.

The Wright family has lived in Odessa for 18 years, and now all that's left are some of their belongings scattered through a damaged home. 

For the Andrea Wright, what could have happened, is what keeps running through her mind.

"There's a two by four that almost hit my daughter. If she didn't move she would have been killed. We would have been burying her instead of worring about the house," Andrea said.

Steve Pickens of SSP Remodeling says although every damaged home is tragic, some families are in more need than others.

"This is a total disaster, and I believe we have enough people in our community to help out," Pickens said.

Now the Wright family has to deal with a damaged home and no insurance to help repair it, but they say they're thankful for one thing.

"It all happened so quick, we didn't have time to think. Thank god, we got out alive," Andrea said.