Storm Cleanup Continues for Residents in North Odessa

By Camaron Abundes   
NewsWest 9

ODESSA- Instead of hunting for Easter eggs, Gloria Lopez and her family spent the holiday sweeping up tree branches and debris left over from Saturday's storm.

"It fell on top of the house and you can see that," Lopez said pointing to a tree resting on the front of her home off Edgeport Drive in Odessa. "I just thank God that everyone's okay."

Just about anywhere on Edgeport Dr. there are signs of the storm damage.

"It busted out all of our windows," Raquel Rivas said.

Over 60 mile per hour winds bent street signs and uprooted trees. One large tree landed on a parked Sports Utility Vehicle.

"We really thought it might be a twister or something you know," Juanita Madrid said the storm sounded like a train passing through on her street. "We were really scared because we thought it might have taken off the roof of our house, because it was really shaking. It knocked all my pictures on the floor."

The winds did peel the roof off of a home on Madrid's property although no one has lived in the home for some time.

The damage may appear to have been caused by a tornado, but experts blame swift straight line winds.

"There is a lot of cleaning up to do and hopefully the County will come out here and help us clean this up," Lopez said.

Annie Chapa and her family didn't have any damage.

"We're blessed," she said. "It's God's Day, we're out here celebrating Easter."