Colorful Dyed Chicks Could Have Salmonella

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - This Easter Season it's not just about the colorful eggs, but the colorful chicks as well.

"The parents buy one or two for the children to have something to raise," Debby Sharp with S & S Feeds, said.

The chicks are painted with harmless dyes for nothing more but looks. "They wait until they're hatched and get all fluffy and then they use food coloring and spray them," Sharp said.

Many wonder if the chicks are safe to handle especially for young children? Dr. Medina of Midland Health Care Services says it could lead to salmonella disease through fecal and oral contact. 

"They put them in their mouth and they could be contaminated and get diseases from it. I would not recommend giving them as gifts," Dr. Medina said.

For just $2 each you can get them in every color you can think of, but keep in mind when handling the chicks to wash your hands; it's the only way to keep you and your family safe.

"The most important way to prevent anything is to wash your hands," Dr. Sharp said.
When buying these chicks, experts say to make sure feed stores have paper work that guarantee clean and healthy animals.

"On their invoices, they are disease free. They control the disease, they can," Sharp said.

As long as good hygiene is practiced, these colorful birds are safe to brighten up your Easter season.