West Texans Plan "Tea" Party to Protest Federal Spending

ODESSA - Fed up over federal spending tax payer, Dottie Chavez is organizing a TEA party in Odessa set for April 15th.

The tax day protest is a part of a national movement calling for Congress to rein in spending. TEA stands for Taxed Enough Already. Organizers in every state are looking to add numbers to the movement.

"I just wanted to get involved. It's a great concern of mine. This is our taxpayer money and we wanted it spent wisely," Chavez said.

The Associated Press reports the House approved a budget blueprint favored by President Barack Obama, Thursday. According to the wire service the $3.6trillion plan includes a deficit of $1.2 trillion. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says the vote signals the country wants "real change."

Ector County Republican Party Chairman Shane Marler says the out of control spending is not helping the economy.

"We have had more projected deficit in the first 70 days of the Obama Administration than we had from the time of George Washington to George W. Bush," Marler said.

Chavez is organizing the event in Odessa, set for Noon at City Hall April 15th.

"There's strength in numbers," Jason Moore, State Republican Executive Committee for District 31, said. Moore will head to Austin to MC an event at City Hall at the Capital.

"All of us in our own families know that when we start getting into financial trouble; if one of the spouses lose a job, we're not going to go out and by more cars, boats, and RV's," Moore said. "That is literally trickle up poverty."

Moore says Republicans like Governor Rick Perry are slated to attend. The TEA Party message to Washington is a cry to curtail spending fashioned to mimic the Boston Tea Party in 1773.

"It's just mainly concerned citizens," Chavez told NewsWest 9, "We're not just talking about our money. We're talking about future generations money."