Special Report: Inside the Permian Basin Regional Academy Part II

by Haley Burks
NewsWest 9

Recruits are learning crucial skills to arrest a suspect that's a little less than willing to cooperate.

"You may come across some one that doesn't want to get a ticket or some that just murdered someone and they want to kill you," Officer Brad Barnes said.

Barnes volunteers his time to teach recruits after his night shift is over.

"This is all voluntarily all of us, we do this because we know how much they need this," he said.

Gender plays no role in these exercises.

"We just want to give them all the tools we can for their toolbox so they can go home at night. Help protect themselves and their partners," Officer Mollie Porter explained.

The bottom line is a police officer has to follow the law, but for a criminal it's a complete different story.

"You have this infinite list of things you have to do, all they have to do is not get arrested," Barnes said.

We will continue to follow the recruits in the upcoming weeks.