Help is On the Way For Odessa Homeless Families

By Wyatt Goolsby
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - Homeless families in Ector County will soon get a step up. It's thanks to a group of Odessa volunters working to bring a new organization to West Texas.

"Something has to be done, we can't let this happen. Economic times may be tough, but there's no sense in this going on. Not like this," Ben Bretz, with Redeemer Lutheran Church, said on Wednesday.

Bretz said the hundreds of E.C.I.S.D. students without a permanent home is too much. It's one of the reasons why he and others are working to bring "Family Promise" to the Basin.

"Family Promise: there's 10 churches now that's actually involved with the organization [in West Texas]. We need a few more [and] that looks real promising," Bretz explained. "We are going to house the families homeless here at the churches, Monday through Sunday."

Bretz said the goal is to give families the step up they need. 

"A lot of people work paycheck to paycheck," Bretz said. "And something may have happened. The landlord may have sold out from underneath them, and now they are homeless. They didn't have enough money saved up to where they can keep going. So what we are hoping to do is get their hopes back, bring thier dreams back together."

And the group is already well on their way with three donated vans.

"Food, linens, clothes, they are not a problem," he added.

But Bretz said that's not all.

"Stallion Oilfield Services was kind enough to donate a mobile home."

Bretz told NewsWest 9 from here, organizers need to find a lot to put the mobile home on. Once they do, he said Family Promise will be here to help the community.

"The churches are excited, we're ready to roll. We should have already done this. We should have done this years ago," Bretz added.