West Odessa Business Owner Tired of Trash in His Neighborhood

by Victor Lopez
NewsWest 9

WEST ODESSA--"I want to know why he can't help us.  Why can't he figure out a way to put trash cans out here, because we do pay tax dollars."

The frustration is building for Charles Christensen.   He and his family own T-Woods Grocery on West 42nd.  He says over the last few months, the litter and trash problem is getting out of hand, "Glass bottles, just everyday trash.  I'm talking about people's home trash.  They'll throw a whole sack over here sometimes.  It's getting a little outrageous."

Christensen says he's been paying out of pocket for the last year to clean up around the store.  He's also been asking for extra trash dumpsters or do not litter signs from the County, all without much success, "I've asked the County Commissioner to help me out with that and he hasn't been able to do that."

Freddie Gardner, Ector County Commissioner Pct. 1 says, when you are out in the County, there is only so much government can do,  "The County is not involved at all in placing dumpsters.  We just don't have a department that does that."

According to Gardner, they have hired an environmental protection officer to police illegal dumping and littering in the County, "A lot of people are throwing trash that has their name or address on it.  He goes through that litter and if he finds someone's name and address, he contacts them and makes them aware, they had better come out and get this cleaned up or they will be cited."

Christensen says, the salary being paid for this position, could be put to better use, "I think it would be cheaper to put dumpsters out here, all around, to help out."

Commissioner gardner says, given the size of the area to be policed, residents need to pull together keep it clean, "It's the responsibility of the people that live in the County to keep their property clean.  I hate it that people litter.  That's just inexcusable to me."