Rebel Football Coach Suspended

By Camaron Abundes   
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND- The Midland Independent School District placed Varsity Lee High School Head Football Coach Randy Quisenberry on paid leave pending an investigation into allegations he treated students unprofessionally.

The coaching staff broke the news to the Rebel Football Team on Tuesday.

"He's just not going to be with us for a while," one student told Newswest 9.

According to a Dad who filed the report on Tuesday with M.I.S.D. officials and police, an incident happened during an off season practice. The Dad, who wanted to remain anonymous, alleges Coach Quisenberry kicked his son in the butt.

"When I was in high school playing football, they were a little rough then," Midlander Bob Boyer said, "An easy boot in the fanny or [was] he was outraged and kicked him too hard. Than yeah I think there should be something done about that."

Officials did not confirm the kick, calling the issue a personnel matter.

Still some say on the field, what crosses the line is not clear cut.