Police Investigate Missing Money at Big Spring Jr. High

by Victor Lopez
NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING-- The investigation kicked off earlier this month by a school district employee, who is also a licensed peace officer. Big Spring Police was handed the case just last week.

Everything started when school officials at Big Spring Jr. High noticed some missing deposits.  Now, police are waiting for the results of a forensic audit.  Investigators will be following a paper trail of school records, trying to find out exctly how much money is missing, who had access to it and where it went.

According to Lt. Terry Chamness, with the Big Spring Police Department, once they figure all that out, that will determine whether or not any charges will be filed, "It's going to depend on how much money is missing.  If there is actual money missing or if it was a mistake in deposit.  We've had that here in the City recently, a mistake of deposits.

The missing money is part of funds raised by the various different student organizations at the Jr. High.    Police say they do have some people they are interested in talking to, but it's impossible to point a finger at any one person until everyone has been questioned.

Big Spring ISD officials were not available for comment.