Street Covered in White Crosses to Signify Inmates Who Have Died in Private Prisons

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

PECOS - A Pecos street was covered in white crosses on Saturday symbolizing inmates in private prisons who have lost their lives.

An attorney representing inmates inside the Reeves County Detention facility asked family members to make crosses to represent their loved ones.

Juan Guerra has been camped outside the detention center now for weeks.

He says he wants authorities to allow him inside the facility to talk to his clients.

In the meantime, this weekend he placed each cross along side the road just outside the prison.

"All these crosses symbolize all the people who have died in private prisons in the last three years. We have over about 90 identified so far, but everyday we find out more that are dying," Pecos inmate attorney, Juan Guerra, said.

About 180 crosses were places along the road.

Guerra plans on camping out until Thursday.

No word yet as to how long those crosses will stay up.

There were two riots at the Reeves County Detention Center last year. Inmates demanded better healthcare and treatment.

Reeves County the Geo Group, a private company that manages the prison, are currently repairing millions of dollars in damage caused by those riots.