Vision 2020 Brainstorms For Midland's Future

By Wyatt Goolsby
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Midlanders are hoping it's the start of something big in the Tall City: Vision 20-20. It's a community forum aimed at tackling tough issues for many years to come.

From old to young, dozens of local residents packed First Presbyterian Church on Thursday evening to voice their thoughts on issues ranging from downtown revitalization to educating young people.

Vision 2020 gave everyone a chance to divide into groups and talk about any issue on their mind they want to discuss as part of the goal to improve Midland.

Thursday's brainstorming is part of a year-long procession outlining what Midlanders want to see for the next decade. The group leading Vision 2020 said all the ideas will help as they create a plan to present to the community at the end of this year.

Officials told NewsWest 9 on Thursday it gives citizens the chance to dream big.

"A lot of the things that people thought before were not possible happened, because people put their minds to it," Co-Chair Becky Ferguson, said. "But we just don't want people to be confined by practicality, there is plenty of time to be practical later."

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