Rash of Burglaries Strikes in Howard County

By: Sarah Snyder
NewsWest 9

HOWARD COUNTY - A rash of burglaries in Howard County has law enforcement stepping up their game. The crooks have hit homes all over the area in broad daylight taking thousands of dollars in valuables and setting neighbors on edge.

In just the past two days, three Howard County homes were burglarized and even more inside the city limits.

"Everything was taken torn up everything was everywhere," Teresa, a Howard County neighbor, burglarized on Sunday night, said.

"They're kicking the front doors in and that's pretty bold," Howard County Sheriff Stan Parker, said. "I mean, the front door of a house - generally they look for a way in that's not as well seen as the front door, but they're going right through the front door."

Sheriff Parker tells NewsWest 9, these burglaries aren't limited to the County, the crooks have hit homes inside the city too and on Tuesday both agencies were working on a game plan.

"I really want to reiterate to people, make sure your house is locked all your windows are locked," Sheriff Parker said. "Make sure you have everything secure. We're out actually working the neighborhoods harder, we've got a few extra guys out patrolling, so we're trying to slow this down and catch these guys."