More Women Showing Interest in Self-Defense Classes

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Being approached by an attacker can happen anywhere; even in broad daylight, but many people don't know what to do if an attacker strikes.

"You never know when it's going to happen to you. I know I would fight back if he tried to grab my purse, I just know I would," Midland Shopper Sherri Lemley, said.

World Champion self defense instructor, Tami Toler says it's better to walk away alive, rather than risking everything to fight for your purse.

"Which is more important to you, your life or your belongings? Your most important thing is your life." Toler also said to avoid any physical contact with your attacker when possible.

"If they're demanding your purse, make sure you don't hand them your purse, instead drop it on the floor, so they're not pulling you close to them," Toler said.

"They're looking into their purse before they get to their car and normally you're supposed to have your keys ready," Midland Shopper Cecilia Benavidez, said.

Keys can also make a perfect weapon, but there's a proper way of using them without injuring yourself.

Some might wonder; what if an attacker comes at you with a gun? Toler says don't panic, instead throw your attacker off guard.

"The most important thing is confidence, make sure you're looking around all the time, because an attacker is usally pegging you to see if they can handle you or not. If you look like you could be a threat to them, they'll think twice about it," Toler said.