Man in RNC Molotov Cocktail Case Pleads Guilty

Staff Report
The Associated Press

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) - One of the men accused of making Molotov cocktails during the Republican National Convention is reversing himself and pleading guilty to federal charges.

23-year-old David Guy McKay pleaded guilty on Tuesday.

Previously he had fought the charges, claiming he was entrapped by
a government informant.

However, the Austin, Texas, man is now telling a federal judge that he and Bradley Neal Crowder would have made the bombs with or without the informant.

He pleaded to three felony counts, avoiding a retrial. He used the entrapment defense at his first trial in January, which ended with a hung jury.

Crowder pleaded guilty in January and is awaiting sentencing. He didn't testify in the first trial, but was scheduled to do so in the retrial.