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Court Affirms Texas Schools Moment of Silence Law

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The Associated Press

NEW ORLEANS (AP) - An appeals court today upheld a Texas law that calls for children to have a moment of silence at school during which they can pray, reflect or meditate.

A panel from the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans rejected the appeal from
David and Shannon Croft of Carrollton, Texas.

The Dallas-area couple sued after they said an elementary teacher told one of their children to keep quiet because the minute is a "time for prayer." A federal judge rejected their challenge.

Texas argued the moment of silence had three secular purposes: fostering patriotism, providing time for contemplation and protecting religious freedom.

Plaintiffs attorney W. Dean Cook today had not yet read a copy of the opinion.

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott says beginning each school day with a moment of silence offers a welcome moment of quiet contemplation.
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