Wildfire Danger Remains High Across The Basin

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

PERMIAN BASIN - Rain over the last few days didn't drown out the fire danger.

The Texas Forest Service reports they're still on high alert.

They're asking you to be extra careful, especially while smoking, welding, or parking your car in high grass.

Firefighters say right now, even with the extra moisture on the ground the conditions are ripe for a wild-fire.

If the wind kicks up and the humidity dips, those conditions will only worsen.

"So people need to be aware that the fire danger and drought are still here. And it's not going to be over with for a while, I am afraid," Sandra Taylor with the Texas Forest Service, said.

The grass here in West Texas is called one hour fuel, because even an hour after the wind blows a spark, it can cause a raging fire.