Drug Raid in Hobbs Lands Two Men Behind Bars

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

HOBBS, NEW MEXICO - Two Hobbs men remain behind bars as part of an ongoing F.B.I. Investigation.

Officers made the bust Friday night at a house in the 700 block of west Silver.

Members of the "C.A.T." or Community Action Team got a tip that there was possibly underage drinking at a house party.

Officers didn't find underage drinking, but they did locate a small bag of cocaine.

After getting a search warrant, police ended up finding crack, marijuana, and hundreds of dollars in cash.

They say the total value of the drugs was worth more than $60,000.

23-year-old Ernesto Pineda and 21-year-old Phillip Pineda remain behind bars in Hobbs in connection with the bust.

Police say the amount of drugs seized was big enough to start an F.B.I. investigation.

Officials say federal authorities will now decide whether to prosecute.

Hobbs police say more arrests could be on the way.