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© Saveur / Matt Taylor-Gross © Saveur / Matt Taylor-Gross

How to make momos, The himalayas' favorite dumpling

As fun to make as they are to say


The magical journey of marshmallows from royal indulgence to childhood propaganda

The exotic allure of the air-puffed, all-unnatural gooey candy


Bread bowl chicken pot pie (Coffin bread)

© Saveuer © Saveuer

A night market specialty of Tainan and Taipei since the 1940s, coffin bread consists of a thick slab of white bread that’s hollowed out and toasted or fried to make a crunchy little box. 


Yes, You Can Make This Mushroom Risotto on a Weeknight

Stereotypically temperamental risotto comes together in a flash with dried and roasted wild mushrooms


Why we want you to fry your Brussels sprouts

These crispy -- but not greasy -- mini cabbages get brightened up with lemon and a balsamic dressing.


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