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Alpine Hotel Opens Doors to Fire Victims

Nick Lawton
NewsWest 9

ALPINE - One hotel in Alpine is opening their doors for those with nowhere else to go, those who have lost their homes to the Roper Fire in Fort Davis.

When they heard about the raging devastation caused by the nearby fire, they knew evacuees would be passing through and they decided to do something about it.

Since the weekend, Highland Inn has opened their doors for victims of the fire.

"We are offering rooms to the people who are displaced by the fire in Fort Davis and the surrounding area, no charge of course," Highland Inn Owner, Samuel Acosta, said. "And they're welcome to stay at least a week, longer if they need to."

Highland Inn is using whatever space they have to offer and whatever supplies and showers they can give to help those who've lost their homes in the blaze, free of charge.

Since Monday, they've seen plenty of need.

"From the people that we saw that came in last night and this morning, I'd say around 30-35 people have come in through," Acosta said.

And they expect more.

One group currently stranded in Alpine is a cycling group from Montana passing through to Florida.

They had a campground set up in Fort Davis to stay in until the fire broke out.

They told NewsWest 9 they were among the last to leave Fort Davis before roads were closed off and the fire was right behind them.

"We had to make sure they were safe," Adventure Cycling Leader, Arlen Hall, said. "So when I drove the van yesterday into Fort Davis, it was covered with smoke and ash."

"We were the last ones through and the fire was right against the highway and we had trouble seeing at all," Adventure Cyclist, David Points, said. "We went probably five miles an hour with our flashers on to get through and to make it here."

Highland Inn's owner told NewsWest 9, several rooms have already been set aside for evacuees. They said as long as they have space, they'll continue to help their neighbors.

"Helping people deal with that, that's what we're trying to do," Acosta said.

As of Monday, they still have five or six more rooms available for evacuees. If you're heading toward Alpine from Fort Davis or already there, you can give them a call at (432) 837-5811.